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Can You give me some success stories?

Yes, we have success stories. Every week we hear from appraisers who are getting responses from their listing. But we don't publish "Testimonials".

Why ? ? ?

First, the appraiser that got an order in Virginia the third day they were listed has very little to do with what happened to an appraiser in Florida (that got 7 commercial orders the second week they were on) or the appraiser in California that called us to sign up because a Lender had called them and asked why they were not on APPRAISERSdotCOM. (All true stories! And for those who are curious, the record for the fastest order after being listed is --- In Colorado - 5 Hours!)

What does matter is the number of hits and the amount of traffic that is using our site. We have over 3,200 pages on our site, one for every county in the country, and all our pages are quickly moving to the top of the list in the major search engines. From our first month on the Internet, January 1999, when we had what we thought was an impressive 47,000 hits, we have quickly grown to be the Premier site on the Internet for Real Estate Appraisers. For the last three months of 1999, we had Over 250,000 hits each month! Since January 1, 2000, we have Averaged over 400,000 hits a month! That means more people using our site more often and looking for appraisers like you.

Second, we know how busy appraisers are. You don't have the time to answer all the calls that you get from lenders wanting to know the status of their appraisal order, let alone answer calls from all over the country from other appraisers with questions about APPRAISERSdotCOM. Besides, we know that no matter who you call, they are going to give you nothing but good reports on both the results they have gotten from being listed on APPRAISERSdotCOM and the way we treat our clients!

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