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Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up, but now someone is listed in front of me that wasn't there before!

There are two things that control your listing position on APPRAISERSdotCOM, Your Application Date and being sure your account is kept current.

Application Date - When you apply, a number of things happen.
  1. Your application is date and time stamped by our system. As long as your account is kept current, that is the order in which you are listed on the site.
  2. After we process your application, and enable your home county, you are sent an invoice, one by e-mail, and the other by US Mail or Fax (according to what you selected on the application), with your due date and balance due.
  3. When your payment arrives by check, or when you pay by Credit Card, the remaining counties in your listing are enabled.
Remember, when someone applies, only their Home County is enabled. This means that though you may have appeared to be listed second in Dallas county Texas when you applied, you may be third or fourth 2 weeks later, because someone living in an ajoining county applied the day before you, and we were waiting for their payment to arrive to enable their remaining counties.

Payment - The second way to loose listing position is for your payment to arrive late. Your due date is on all invoices. Your payment must be postmarked by your due date or your Listing Senority Date becomes the date that your payment arrives in our office.

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