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Frequently Asked Questions

In What Order do you list Appraisers?

We list all appraisers in the order that payment for their application is received. As long as you maintain your account in good standing (make your payments on time and maintain your standing with your state appraisal board) you will always be listed in the same order.

We do not list in alphabetical order. If ZEN Appraisal Services is the first to apply in a certain county, they will always be listed first in that county. If ABBA & Associates applies 6 months later, they are second. ABBA Does Not go to the top of the list. Again, we list in the order of application payment.

No one can 'Buy' their way in front of you. Once listed, your position will never be lower. Unlike some other sites, we don't sell the top positions to the highest bidder. Should someone listed above you decide not to renew their listing, you could even move up.

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