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How is "Ownership" of a listing established?

The owner of an account is the person whose license is listed on the application unless otherwise provided for by agreement (See FAQ, Questions B-6 and B-7). Note that a "Company" can not "Own" and Account. Accounts can only be owned by licensed appraisers.

Ownership of an account is limited to a single appraiser. Dual ownership is not allowed. If a partnership is in effect (or multiple licenses are listed) the controlling ownership factor is determined by the contracts between the principals of the company.

There are two forms provided on our site for the transferring of ownership.

  1. Trainees may own an account only by having their Supervisor complete the Permission to List form. Note : A trainee cannot list under their own license.
    (See I'm a Trainee.  Can I List on APPRAISERSdotCOM? for details.)
  2. A Non Licensed owner of a company (that is not a Trainee) can not own an account. Depending on the situation, they may be able to "control" an account. (See I Own the Company, but I am not an Appraiser.  Can I List? for details.)
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