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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes in the information on my listing?

We make all changes in listed information on the site from our office.

All requests for changes must be made in writing and must include your Account Number. Requests should be sent to APPRAISERSdotCOM via e-mail (Preferred Method) @ or via Fax (@ 252 332-2111).
Note: If you do not have your Account Number, the request must be submitted in writing with the Notarized Signature of the Account Owner. Notary stamp must be on same page as change request and owner's signature.
To Obtain Your Account Number, see FAQ section, Question C-6 for the Account Number Request form.

Changes should not be requested until ready to be implemented. All Changes Are Made When Received and can not be held for a later date.

Change requests must be sent as an original transmission.

  • Change requests should Never be included with or on payments
  • Change requests should Never be attached to a previous email

    If Multiple Accounts are involved, a Separate Change Request must be sent for each account

    Format for Change Request is:
    Changes for Account Number YYMMNNNN-SS (Example: Account Number 99121234-NC)
    1- Change Tel Number (tel number, address, etc.) from AAA to BBB.
    2- Change Mailing Address (tel number, address, etc.) from AAA to BBB.
    3- Change E-mail Address (tel number, address, etc.) from AAA to BBB.
    4- Change Text Wording from CCC to DDD
        (Note - Please List New Wording for Entire Text Section unless changing only a few words)
    5- Change Company Name from ABC to DEF
        (Note - Old Name will be listed under New Name as "Formerly ABC" for minimum of 6 months)

    Cost for changes :
    There is No Charge for making changes in Listed Information

  • Max. of 2 change requests per year.
  • "Seasonal/Monthly Specials" changes are not allowed in the Text Section.
  • "Vacation" changes must be for a period not less than 30 days.
    Additional Charges do Apply for Adding Additional Counties or Adding a Web Page Link.
  • *Consult the Fee Schedule for the specific charges that apply to your account.

    Please Note :
    All Requests for Changes in listings Must be made in writing (E-Mail, Fax, or Letter)
    All Requests for Changes Must Include your Account Number

  • Required to insure that all requested changes are made only by authorized personnel.
  • Account Number can be found on all Invoices and Payment Confirmations.
  • Account Number may be on e-mails sent to you by APPRAISERSdotCOM.
    If Account Number can not be located
  • Request must be Made By Letter with Notarized Signature of Account Owner
    If Adding Counties or a Web Page Link
  • must indicate method of payment for any additional charges.
  • Amount Due is prorated for the remainder of your present listing period.
  • Payment Must be received before additions can be enabled.
    Sending Change requests
  • Requests Should Never be included on faxed payment information.
  • If requests are listed on a Separate Page with Acct Number, can be included with Mailed payments.
  • Do Not mark changes on Invoice.
    If Removing Counties or Web Page Link
  • No Credit will be issued for remaining portion of listing period.
  • Seniority for removed county(s) is lost.
  • Counties can not be "exchanged".

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