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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Expensive?

There are obviously a number of ways to look at that question. Let me give you two reasons I believe it is not.
  1. Return on investment. For our Wide Area plan ($300 per year - and that covers 6 counties!) you only need to receive One Appraisal Order per Year to cover your cost! You can list in one county under our Local Area plan for even less ($180 per year). Pay by the year and your effective cost is even less!

  2. Compare the Cost of your Yellow Page ads. Check your phone bill for last month and see what you paid. Most telephone directories list the towns and cities that are covered by that book. Look at their list, then take another look at the US map on our main page. Which covers more area ! ?
Remember, you can list in one county for only $15 per month (Limited Area Plan), and in 6 counties for $25 per month (Wide Area Plan). Additional counties can be added under both plans for a small additional fee. Check our Fee Schedule for details.

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