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Are there Other Ways other than Fax that we can Receive our Invoice?

The quick answer is - Yes.

An Explanation

When we first began our site back in 1998, we sent all Invoices by US Mail, email, and Fax. We quickly discovered that sending the Invoice to the same location in three different ways, instead of being sure that the client received the Invoice, caused confusion. Because of this, we looked at the history of the three different ways we were sending the Invoices to determine which method, in our opinion, was best. Let me explain.

  1. US Mail - To send through the mail required time and stamps. As the site grew and postal rates went up, so did the expense associated with mailing Invoices. In addition, without sending "Return Receipt Requested" (RRR) or in some similar manner, there was no way to ensure that the Invoice was received. If a client did not get their payment in on time, many would claim not to have received it, and without RRR, there was no way to prove otherwise.
  2. Email - While less expensive than US Mail (it's Free), and to some people a more "modern" way, it was and is impossible to be sure that an emailed Invoice was received. Different Email Formats, Blocked Sender Lists, Virus Blockers, and Spam Filters all create problems with sending Invoices by Email. Email can be sent with RRR, but some email servers do not allow RRR, and some require a manual response from the recipient. Again, this made it difficult to be sure that an Invoice was received.
  3. Fax - The way we chose.
    1. While it was more expensive than Email, it is much less expensive than US mail, And now, with the advent of bundled telephone services, it is also basically free.
    2. Most Important, we can be sure we connected to your Fax. The CSID (Called Subscriber IDentification) from your Fax Machine allows us to verify that we did complete to your Fax (CSID/TSID are actually required by federal law, though it is seldom enforced).
    3. Automated system allows us to send Invoices with minimum "Hands On" time.
While even when sending by fax we can not be sure that the Invoice reaches the owner or the proper personnel for payment after being received by your fax machine. That is true with any of the methods, Mail, Email or Fax.

Invoice Methods

For some time now, we have allowed the following exceptions to the "Required Fax Billing Number" rule. Changes in the Real Estate Market beginning about 2008, and the resulting problems it caused appraisers (many appraisers have eliminated their Fax Line to save money) resulted in our implementing a test plan allowing appraisers to request that their Invoices be sent by email.

As of January 1, 2013, we now allow the appraiser to request that their invoices be sent by Fax or by Email. Also, we continue to offer Automatic Credit Card Billing (the Safest way to pay).

  1. Automatic Credit Card Billing - The Safest Way to Pay - We have for many years offered an Automatic Credit Card Billing program. Under this program, the Account Owner completes the Automatic CC Billing Request and returns it to us. We then bill the assigned Credit Card at the end of their listing period.(See our FAQ section Question C-2) for details on enrolling.
  2. Fax Notification - Our Preferred Method of invoicing our clients that are not enrolled in the Automatic CC Billing Program. Sending Invoices by Fax allows us to insure that your Invoice reached your fax machine (provided that you have set up your CSID). If you have an Active Account at this time, and have not requested to be invoiced in any of the other payment methods, this is your present method of notification.
  3. Email Notification - Offered for those that do not have a fax number and prefer not to have their credit card automatically billed. The appraiser accepts certain responsibilities and must ensure that any email sent from APPRAISERSdotCOM will not be blocked or diverted by any spam or virus filters.
       There are two ways to enroll in Email Invoice Notification.
    1. Complete and forward to us the Invoice Email Transmission Request.
      This form should be completed in full and must be signed by the Account Owner.
    2. Send us an email, or letter, requesting that all future invoices be sent by email.
      You must include your Account Number, Company Name, and Name of the Account Owner.
      Notification in this manner does not relieve the appraiser of the responsibilities contained in the Invoice Email Transmission Request.

We hope that one of these plans will help our appraisers maintain their presence on the World Wide Web with us. Please note that these programs may be modified or eliminated at any time with prior notification. Participates in the programs will be notified as payments come due. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us through the links below or by telephone at 252 332-6220.

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