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Find out your State Requirements

The first thing you need to know is that requirements vary state to state, but most states are similar. You can check our State Appraisal Boards page to see if your state has an Online presence with the specific information that you need. If not, check out the California state site at They have a very good site that has all of the information that you might need. Though it is for California, as I said, all states are similar.

The things that might vary from state to state are hours of class work, length of apprenticeship, number of appraisals that need to be completed for each certification level, and fees for the tests and license. You can probably get that information from local appraisers,but it would be best to know all of that when you interview.

Basically, you will take four different classes R1, R2 and R3 (R is for Residential) and G1 (G is for General), have to pass a state test, have to serve an apprenticeship under a certified appraiser for about two years, then have to pass another state test. NOTE: All of this must be done BEFORE you can work on your own!

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