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Where to look for Schools

If this is what you expected, and you have found your mentor, then the next thing is the classes.

From our experience, don't try to find the cheapest class. If you spend the money, you want to be prepared for the exam. "You get what you pay for" might apply!

Some of the local community colleges offer the class work, as do some of the Universities. Also, some schools offer the course work on weekends (about two sessions, Friday through Sunday, per section - R1, R2, R3 and G1), while others offer them as part of the normal curriculum (normally one semester per section, or a year and a half to two years to finish!).

The deciding factor will probably be how fast you would like to get into the profession and your present work schedule. Again, we preferred to take the class work over the weekend, but that will depend on your personal likes and dislikes.

The schools that we know of are listed in our Appraiser Resources section under Educational Resources. Many of the State Boards, if they have an Online presence, list approved schools on their web sites

Need to find your State Appraisal Board?.

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