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A few ideas on how to Find A Mentor

Fine. You want me to Find a Mentor. How?

First, most of the time, contacting a perspective employer in person is better than a phone call or an e-mail. If you do make the first contact by telephone or e-mail, you always want that first call to lead to a visit in person.

Remember, you only get one chance for a first impression, so do it right. Look and act professional, dress appropriately, be on time.

Who to call? Try your local appraisers first, but that might not work unless you are willing to make concessions (Remember, they are training their competition!). Would you be willing to sign a non competition agreement not to work in their area for X number of years after you leave their employment? Would you agree to work for them for X number of years after you become fully licensed? If so, at what percentage of the appraisal fee?

If you can't find a good match locally, contact appraisers on the edge of their present service area. That is, someone that works near where you are now, but not in your local counties. Your hook would then be that you would be able to open a new area for them, expanding their present service area. Even if you do leave the company at a later date, you would not be direct competition in their original service area. In this situation, you could still sign a non competition agreement, making sure that it only applies only to the service area that they were originally covering and not the new area that you opened up for them.

If you still want to try this, you need to Find A School.

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