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First, some Things to Consider!

We often hear from people that want to become a Real Estate Appraiser because it looks easy and seems to be a good way to make very good money.

This is partly true. You can make very good money, but it is not easy money. The hours are long, and the pressure is high. You will be working for lenders who want their appraisal done first, regardless of the number of orders from other lenders you have received in front of their order, and it must come up to the price that the lender needs, regardless of what the property is really worth. Not only will your stamina be tested, so will your moral character.

In addition, now is a difficult time to enter the Appraisal Profession. The Real Estate Market, in general, is down. In many areas of the country, homes are not selling, or if they are, at prices less than they were a year or two ago. What this means is there is less work for everyone, appraisers included. Many appraisers are cutting back their staff if not eliminating their staff all together. That means, as we will discuss later, that it may be impossible to find an appraiser that will train you (be your Mentor) which you Must have.

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