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Now, Some Advice

The classes you must take are both difficult and expensive ($1200 to $2000 for R1, R2, and R3 plus G1 in North Carolina). But the most difficult part is Finding Someone (a Mentor) To Sign for You while you serve your apprenticeship.

IF you can find someone, you need to ask the "Fee Split". This is how the cost of the appraisal that is collected is to be divided between you and your Supervisor. The fee percentage can vary from 0 to 40% (that's right - NOTHING to 40%) of the appraisal fee collected. Why so Low? Remember that in effect, your supervisor is training their future competition, and they know it. More on that later.

If you have your own office set up, that might help your fee split. Approximate cost would be $1500+ for a Good computer, $1000 and up for software (Do Not Buy in advance, wait to see what your supervisors uses), $300 for a printer (Good and fast, not cheap and slow. Remember, time is money), $500+ for a copier, and $350 for a fax machine, plus supplies. You'll be using your equipment, not their's.

I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you FIND A MENTOR/SUPERVISOR FIRST. This way you know what the software situation will be. If possible, find more than one person that says they will hire you (It's always good to have a back up plan!) and don't buy any software until you are hired.

In summary, here is what you need to consider.

  • Find a Mentor before you take the class work. Too many times, people take the class work, then cannot find anyone to work under. I say again - Find a Mentor FIRST!!!!
  • Check on the cost of the classes in your area. Not the cheapest, the best. The state test is hard. Give yourself a chance to pass it the first time!
  • Check on the prices of equipment so you will have a good idea of that cost. Do you want to buy your equipment, or use your supervisor's? If a prospective supervisor wants you to get your own equipment, can you afford it?

Still think this is what you want to do? Next.

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