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About Us

APPRAISERSdotCOM is a worldwide advertising service specifically designed to help consumers and financial institutions quickly find real estate appraisers serving any county in the USA.

Our site, which was the first of its kind on the Internet, incorporates the best of the evolving Internet technology. Before we came online, lenders had to use the old search engine technology to try and find an appraiser, and then see if that appraiser covered the area where they needed the appraisal. Now, with APPRAISERSdotCOM, they search by where the Appraisal is, so when you get their call, you know you will get their order!

We have over 3,300 pages on our site, one for every county in the country. In January of 1999, our first month on the Internet, we had an impressive 47,000 hits. By June of 2006, when we had over 2 million hits, we had become, and remain, the Premier Site on the Internet for Real Estate Appraisers.

What does this mean for you? We all know that in the last few years, work is down. These numbers show that people know about and use APPRAISERSdotCOM when they need an appraiser. With the few orders that are available now, what better place on the Internet to have your contact information.

In February of 2011, we completed a site update. While you will see a few differences in the appearance of the site, the basic look and functionality of the original site remain, with the same quick, easy ways to locate an appraiser.

  1. Drop Downs - The US map, which is our main page, has a Drop Down with a list of all states, and each State Map has a Drop Down list of all counties in that state.
  2. Our Graphics, with both the National and all State maps 'clickable', make the site not only easy to use, it also makes it easy on the eyes.
  3. ZIP Codes. While we are proud of the professional appearance of our site, this is what we believe makes APPRAISERSdotCOM the Easiest Site on the Internet to Use. Type in the 5 digit Zip Code for your property's address, and be taken directly to the list of appraisers for that state and county. One click of the mouse and there you are! No wonder lenders are so impressed with our site. (No, you don't have to give us a list of the zip codes you cover. We already have every zip code in the country built into our system. We're here to serve you, not to ask you to help us build our site!)

Lenders, as we all know, want their work completed yesterday. We give lenders and individuals the FASTEST and SIMPLEST way to find what they need, without all the annoying banners and ads that accompany the other sites that have copied what we first started. When lenders go online to look for an Appraiser, they don't have time to wait for all of that junk to download. They just want to get the telephone number of a good appraiser, send the order, and get on to making the next loan. That's what we let them do. And our promise to you - We will never put anything in the path between your listing and the lender looking for you that does not help them find you faster! No Banners promoting our site, or someone else's, no ads for trips or contests, and no cute little figures waving at you from the corner of the page. Nothing to slow down anyone looking for you!

Don't forget that People other than lenders need appraisers. Individuals may need an appraisal for a number of reasons including selling their own home, to contest a tax valuation, or to obtain a line of credit. Lawyers and others also need appraisals for divorce or estate settlement, relocation appraisals, and REOs. When lender orders are down, don't forget these other sources of work!

Remember, on APPRAISERSdotCOM you are listed by the counties you serve. If you advertise by your name or the name of your company, it restricts your exposure. If you rely only on search engines to advertise your company, you face confusion about where you are located, are you in Washington DC, Washington County, Washington State or in Lake Washington? With APPRAISERSdotCOM, no more having to tell a prospective client the areas you serve. When you answer the phone, it's to take an order that you can complete!

A Professional Site with Professional Advertising for Professionals
No Banners, No Gimmicks, No Games

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